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Cheap Multimeters

Why Shouldn't I Buy a Cheap Multimeter?

Sanwa America
Buying a cheap multimeter might be tempting because of the lower price tag, but there are a number of reasons why you might want to save your money...
MG5000 | Digital Insulation Tester High voltage type -

What is a High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester?

Insulation TesterSanwa America
Insulation testing is crucial for maintaining the integrity of electrical systems. By measuring the insulation resistance, the tester can identify potential issues such as deteriorated insulation, moisture ingress, or damaged cables. These problems can lead to electrical faults, equipment failure, or even electrical hazards such as electric shocks or fires.
Features to consider when buying a Multimeter

What are the Most Important Features to Consider When Buying a Multimeter?

Multimeter BasicsSanwa America
A multimeter is an essential tool for anyone working in electrical engineering, contracting, electronics, or any other field that requires electric...
Sanwa America 2023/2024 Multimeter Catalog

The 2023/2024 Sanwa Multimeter Catalog Is Here!

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