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The CD771 is a digital multimeter with an accuracy of 0.5%, and a 4000-count display.

The CD771 digital multimeter is designed for low power circuit analysis, small communication equipment, and home appliances. The device is rated for CAT II (1000 Volts) and CAT III (600 Volts) ranges and is compliant with the IEC61010-1 safety standard.

This digital multimeter has a 4000-count large-size LCD display with backlight functionality. Users can use the data hold button to pause or hold the measurement on the screen and can use the relative function button to store a particular reading for later use. The device also has an Auto-range feature that automatically sets the range of the parameter being measured and makes the device super simple to use.

Users can measure all the basic parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and continuity test which features a buzzer alarm along with an LED indicator. The device also features a 1.5 Volt battery-check function that allows the user to quickly check the drain of battery power.

The CD771 has a plastic body, with the outer case built with a thermo-elastic elastomer which provides protection against drop shock. To prevent accidents when measuring current, the meter is equipped with a safety cap. It also has a fuse with a breaking capacity of 30 KA to further improve safety.

Meter includes one set of test leads and instruction manual.

  • 4000 Count Large Display with Backlight
  • 0.5% Accuracy
  • Range hold, Data hold, and Relative function
  • Auto and Manual range selection
  • 5V batter-check functionality
  • Auto power save: Power save about 30 minutes after no operation
  • Continuity confirmed by the buzzer and red LED
  • Double molding with outside made of elastic elastomer material
  • IEC61010-1 CAT.III 600V / CAT. II 1000V certified


CD771 Measuring Range Accuracy Resolution Input Impedance
DCV 400m/4/40/400/1000V ±(0.5%+2) 0.1mV 10M-100MΩ
ACV 4/40/400/1000V ±(1.2%+7) 0.001V 10M-11MΩ
DCA 400Ω/4000Ω/40m/400m/4/10A ±(1.4%+3) 0.1ΩA  
ACA 400Ω/4000Ω/40m/400m/4/10A ±(1.8%+5) 0.1ΩA
Resistance 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40MΩ ±(1.2%+5) 0.1Ω
Capacitance 50Ω500n/5Ω/50Ω/100ΩF ±(5%+10) 0.01nF
Frequency 5/50/500/5k/50k/100kHz ±(0.3%+3) 0.001Hz
Continuity Buzzer sounds and LED lights up at between 0Ω and 85Ω(±45Ω). Open voltage:Approx.0.4V
Diode test Open voltage:approx.1.5V
Battery Check Approximate value(30Ω load)1.5V battery only
Display Numeral display 4000
Sampling rate 3 times/sec.
Bandwidth 40-400Hz(Sine wave)
Fuse 0.5A/1000V 30kA Ω6.35x32mm 10A/1000V 30kA Ω10x38mm
Battery R6Px2
Battery life Approx.400h (manganese battery) at DCV range
Size/Mass H166xW82xD44mm/360g
Safety IEC61010CATIII600V/CATII1000V


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