DCL1200R | Large Diameter AC Clamp Meter with Digital Multimeter Functions

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The Sanwa DCL1200R is a True RMS AC clamp-meter with DMM capabilities.

The DCL1200R is an AC clamp meter/digital multimeter of the RMS value response type, designed for measurements in the range specified by IEC61010-2-032 CAT.III 600V. It is suitable for current and voltage measurements of low-voltage circuitry, electric equipment and power supply facilities.

This clamp-meter can measure AC current of up to 1200 Amperes with an accuracy of 1.7%. It has a 6000-count display with a backlight. The device is also a digital multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltages, frequency of up to 30 kHz and capacitance, and it also has an Auto resistance feature that allows users to automatically measure resistances without the need for changing the range. The device can also perform Diode and Continuity tests (with a buzzer). It can also wirelessly detect voltages of 15 V and above at 50/60 Hz.

The DCL1200R is compliant with the IEC61010-2-032, CAT.III 600V, IEC61010-031 safety standards, and IEC61326-1 EMC directives. 

Includes meter, test leads, carrying case and instructions.

  • AC current measurable max. 1200A & DMM function
  • 6000 Count Display
  • True RMS
  • EF (Electric Field) sensing
  • Large LCD with Back light
  • Data hold
  • Range hold
  • Auto power save(3~) (non-cancelable)
  • Lightweight approx. 290g 
Function Range Accuracy Resolution
ACA 400/1200A ±(1.7%+5) 0.1A
DCV 6/60/600V ±(0.7%+3) 0.001V
ACV 6/60/600V ±(1.7%+5) 0.001V
Auto resistance 6k/60k/600k/6MΩ  ±(1.2%+4) 1 Ω 
Resistance 600 Ω ±(2.2%+8) 0.1 Ω 
Frequency 9.999/99.99/9.999k/30kHz ±(0.6%+4) 0.001Hz
Capacitance 100n/1000n/10 μ/100 μ2000 μF ±(3.7%+5) 0.1nF
Continuity Buzzer sounds at between 0 Ω and 155 Ω (±145 Ω)
Open voltage: approx. 0.4V
Diode test Open voltage: approx. 1.6V
Voltage detection Buzzer sounds and "-" is shown on LCD.
Input sensitivity: approx. 20V or over (50/60Hz)
Sampling rate 5 times/sec.
Bandwidth ACA 50/60Hz ACV 50-500Hz
Display 6000
Clamp diameter / Conductor size 42mm/20x54mm
Battery R03x2
Battery life Approx. 90 hrs. at DCV
(Alkaline battery / Backlight off)
Size/Mass H238xW95xD45mm / Approx. 290g
Safety standards IEC61010 CATIII 600V


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