DCM660R | True RMS Clamp Meter for Electrical and HVAC Work + DMM Functions

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The Sanwa DCM660R is a digital clamp-meter with digital multimeter capabilities.

The DCM660R can be used in a CAT III environment and can measure a current of up to 660 Amperes. Since this instrument also has digital multimeter functionalities it can also measure AC+DC voltage, resistance, and frequency as well as perform continuity tests.

The device uses the double integration operation method and True RMS for AC measuring. The display on this device is a large 6600-count LCD display with backlight. The DCM660R has a safety design compliant with the IEC61010-1 standard.

Meter comes with one set of test leads, carrying case and instructions.

  • AC current measurable max. 660A & DMM function
  • True RMS
  • 6600-Count LCD with Back light
  • Data hold
  • Relative value
  • Max/Min value hold
  • Inrush current measurement
  • Auto power save (15min after the last operation) (non-cancelable)
  • IEC compliant


PC773 Range Accuracy Resolution Impedance
DCV 110m/1.1/11/110/1000V ±(0.28%+2) 0.01mV 10M~ 100MΩ
ACV 110m/1.1/11/110/1000V ±(0.7%+50) 0.01mV
DCA 110μ/1100μ/11m/110m/11A ±(0.5%+4) 0.01μA  
ACA 110μ/1100μ/11m/110m/11A ±(0.9%+20) 0.01μA
Resistance 110/1.1k/11k/110k/1.1M/11M/
±(0.3%+6) 0.01Ω
Capacitance 11n/110n/1.1μ/11μ/110μ/1.1m/
±(2.0%+20) 0.001nF
Frequency 110Hz/1100Hz/11kHz/110kHz/
±(0.01%+2) 0.1Hz
Continuity Buzzer sounds and LED lights up at less than 30Ω
Open voltage: approx. 0.2V
Diode test Open voltage: approx. 0.2V
Display Numeral display 11000
Sampling rate 4 times/sec.
Bandwidth 45Hz~100Hz(110mV range), 45Hz~500Hz(1.1V range),
45Hz~1kHz(11V range and above, ACA)
Fuse 315mA/1000V, breaking capacity 30kA
12A/1000V, breaking capacity 30kA
Battery R6x2
Battery life Approx.200h (manganese battery) at DCV range
Size/Mass H166×W82×D44mm/360g

IEC61010 CAT.Ⅲ 600V / CAT.Ⅱ 1000


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