DM509S | 500V Analog Insulation Tester / Portable Insulation Resistance Meter

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The Sanwa DM509S is an DC analog insulation tester with a test voltage range of 500 Volts DC.

The Sanwa DM509S is a DC insulation resistance tester to measure electric lines' and equipment's insulation resistance. The DM509S is IEC61010-1 and IEC61010-2-030 CAT. III 600V certified and has an IP20 rating that protects it against dust and other particles.

The insulation resistance function on this device has an accuracy of ±5% of full scale and can measure the insulation resistance of up to 1000MΩ. This instrument is also capable of measuring AC and DC voltages along with a battery check function. The DM509S is equipped with the MΩ (insulation resistance) measuring switch that enables both one-shot or continuous measurement.

Meter includes test leads, carrying case with strap and instruction manual.

  • Test voltage DC500V
  • One-shot or continuous measurement push switch
  • DCV measurement range (DC60V)
  • Auto discharge function
  • Inner battery check range
  • ACV measurement range


Measuring Range Accuracy
MΩ (Insulation Resistance) 500V/1000MΩ 1st effective measurement range: ±5% of full scale 2nd effective measurement range: ±10% of a full scale
DCV 60V ±5% of full scale
ACV 600V ±5% of full scale
Rated measuring current 1~1.2mA
Meter type Internal magnet, Taut-band meter(24μA)
AC rectifier form Half-wave rectification (Mean value indication rms value converted)
Operating temperature / humidity 0℃~43℃ 80%RH or below No condensation
Storage temperature / humidity -10℃~50℃ 70%RH or below No condensation
Operating environment Altitude 2000m or less, environmental pollution degree II
Power consumption Approx. 2.0W~2.8W(At 500V/100MΩ range)
Battery consumption Checked by BATTERY CHECK range
IP rate IP20
EN61010-1 CAT.II EN61010-1 CAT.III 1000V 600V
Battery 6LR61 (9V) x 1
Size / Mass H144 x W99 x D43mm / 310g
Standard accessories included Test lead (TL-509S), Carrying case (C-09S), Instruction manual


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