EM7000 | Analog Multimeter - High Sensitivity FET for Measurement of Lower Capacitance

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The Sanwa EM7000 is a highly sensitive FET electronic analog multimeter.

The EM7000 is a FET (field-effect transistor) analog multimeter with a zero-deflection scale, which is great for testing low-power circuits. It has an accuracy of ±3.0% of full scale, and can also measure the peak-to-peak values of an input signal (triangular, square-wave) over a 20% duty cycle. The device is also capable of measuring resistances up to 200MΩ and is highly sensitive when measuring lower value capacitances. It is recommended to use the device in an environment with a temperature less than 40 degrees Celsius at a maximum altitude of 2000m indoor, with pollution degrees level II. 

The EM7000 comes with a set of test leads (TL-21a), instruction manual and a spare fuse (250V / 0.5A). The device is professionally calibrated by Sanwa and comes with a certificate of calibration.

  • Zero center meter (NULL) of DC Voltage and DC Current
  • The frequency characteristic of AC low voltage ranges
    (3V and 12V) is 40Hz~1MHz (sine wave AC)
  • The Vp-p of triangular-wave, square-wave over 20% duty cycle voltages of waveforms can also be measured (at 3V range)
  • Wide ohm range 0.2Ω~200MΩ
  • ±3.0% of full scale


Function Range Tolerance
DCV 0.3/1.2/3/12/30/120/300/1000V(2.5~12MΩ) ±3% of full scale
±DCV ±0.15/0.6/1.5/6/15/60/150/600V(2.5~12MΩ) ±7% of full scale
AC voltage rms(50/60Hz) 3V(approx.2.5MΩ)/12V(approx.1.1MΩ) 30V/120/300V(approx.800KΩ)/750V(approx.10MΩ) ±3% of full scale
Sine wave 8.4V(approx.2.5MΩ/V)/33V(approx.1.1MΩ) 84/330/840V(approx.800KΩ) ±5% of full scale
Square wave 8.4V(2.5MΩ) ±6% of full scale
Triangle wave 8.4V(2.5MΩ) ±6% of full scale
DCA 0.12μ/0.3m/3m/30m/300m/6A ±3% of full scale
DCA ±0.06μ/±0.15m/1.5m/15m/150mA ±7% of full scale
ACA 6A ±5% of full scale
Resistance 2k/20k/200k/2M/20M/200MΩ ±3% of arc
Low-frequency output -10~51dB ±3% of arc
Frequency characteristic AC12V range or lower 40Hz to 1 MHz: frequency response within ±5%
Battery R6P(AA battery)1.5Vx2, 6F22(9V manganese battery)x1
Built-in fuse F1176 Φ5×20mm 0.5A/250V 1.5kA Ceramic fuse
F1177 Φ5×20mm 6.3A/250V 1.5kA Ceramic fuse
Size/Mass H165×W106×D46mm/Approx. 375g
*The value in ( )at DCV and ACV is input resistance


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