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This compact digital multimeter measures only 4.25" x 2.2" x 0.5" and weighs a mere 3 ounces.

The PM3 is designed for measuring low voltage circuits and is compliant with the EN61010-1 CAT.II 500V safety standard.

The PM3 digital multimeter can perform all basic measurements such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle as well as continuity test. The probes in the Sanwa PM3 are internally connected with the circuit and cannot be removed unlike in a standard size multimeter.

The device is EN61010-1 CAT.II 500V compliant, meaning it can be used to measure the main socket and plug-in loads such as home electrical appliances.  For keeping the device protected against moisture and dust, the PM3 comes with a leather case that holds both the multimeter and test leads in place. 

Includes meter, probes, instruction manual and leather case.

  • 4000 Count display
  • 0.7% Accuracy
  • Resistance measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
    (not suitable for measurement of condensers with large leak current).
  • Frequency measurement (AC sine wave only)
  • Duty cycle measurement
  • Continuity test with buzzer
  • Data hold
  • Relative value
  • Auto power save (15min after the last operation (cancelable)) 
  • EN61010-1 CAT.II 500V compliant
  • Size/Mass: 108 x 56 x 11.5mm (H x W x D)/ 85g


      PM33a Range Accuracy Resolution
      DCV 660m/6.6/66/600V ±(0.7%+3) 0.1mV
      ACV 660m/6.6/66/600V ±(1.4%+6) 0.1mV
      DCA 100A ±(2.0%+5) 0.1A
      ACA 100A ±(2.0%+5) 0.1A
      Resistance 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6M/66MΩ ±(0.9%+3) 0.1Ω
      Capacitance 6.6n/66n/660n/6.6μ/66μ/660μ/6.6m/66mF ±(5.0%+10) 0.001nF
      Frequency 660/6.6k/66kHz ±(0.5%+3) 0.1Hz
      Duty cycle 20~80% ±(0.5%+5)  
      Continuity Buzzer sounds at below 30Ω. Open voltage:approx.1.2V
      Diode test Open voltage:approx.3V
      Display Numeral display 6600
      Sampling rate 3times/sec.
      Clamp diameter Φ10mm
      Battery LR03×2
      Size/Mass H130×W75×D19.9mm / Approx.160g (including battery)
      Safety IEC61010 CAT.Ⅲ 300V / CAT.Ⅱ 600V


      Review courtesy of Darren Walker


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