SP21 | Analog Multimeter with Continuity Check Beeper

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This shock resistant analog multimeter gives an audible beep to verify circuit continuity.

The SP21 multimeter is designed for low voltage circuit analysis and must not be used to measure high power voltage lines. The meter is a taut-band type meter with zero center for ±DCV measurements. The SP21 can measure both ACV and DCV as well as resistance and capacitances with a 3% full-scale accuracy. The SP21 features a continuity test function with a buzzer alarm that sounds at less than approximately 10Ω.

The device has a protective case with built-in kickstand, made using fire retardant material that also provides protection against drop shocks, and a (250V/0.5A) fuse with a blowout capacity of 300A to protect its internal circuitry. 

Includes meter, one set of test leads and instruction manual.

  • Drop shock proof taut-band meter
  • ±DCV zero center meter
  • Fuse and diode protection
  • Battery check
  • Tilt stand


    Function Measuring Range Tolerance
    DCV 0.3(5kΩ)/3/12/30/120/600V(20kΩ/V) Within ±3%
    ±DCV ±6/30V(20kΩ/V) ±5% of full scale
    ACV 12/30/120/300/600V(9kΩ/V) ±3% of full scale
    DCA 60μ/30m/0.3A ±3% of full scale
    Resistance 2k/20k/2MΩ ±3% of arc
    Capacitance 500μF Approximate value
    Continuity ≦ approx.100Ω: Beep sounds. Open circuit voltage: approx. 3V
    Battery check 1.5V/1.5V button(1.0 to 2.0V) Approximate value
    Frequency characteristic AC12V range 40Hz to 100kHz: frequency response within ±3%
    Battery R6P(AA battery)1.5Vx2
    Built-in fuse New model: F0301 Φ5x20mm 0.5A/250V 300A Glass fuse
    Size/Mass H144×W99×D41mm / Approx. 270g
    *The value in( )at DCV and ACV is input resistance


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