Welcome to Sanwa America - The New Home for Sanwa Meters in the USA!

After 80 years, Sanwa Electric Instruments are now available in America.

As a subsidiary of Sper Scientific Instruments, Sanwa-America.com is now the home for Sanwa Meter products in the USA. Since 1982, Sper Scientific has been a leading provider of environmental measurement instruments worldwide. We are thrilled to partner with Sanwa Electric Instrument to offer the full line of genuine Sanwa products for the first time ever in the US.

Sanwa is the #1 supplier of multimeters in Japan, and renowned around the world for their quality, design and durability, Sanwa meters have been a trusted companion of engineers, electricians, mechanics, contractors and other professionals for decades. With a full line of Analog and Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers and other electrical testing equipment, Sanwa provides a range of top quality products that are best in class. 

We welcome you to the world of Sanwa, and are ready to help you with your purchase now and for many years to come. 


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  5. Welcome to Sanwa America - The New Home for Sanwa Meters in the USA!

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