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As an electrician, having the right tools at your disposal is essential for getting the job done safely, efficiently and accurately. As a professional, you want the best tools that money can buy, and finding the best value for your money is always a given. Whether you're troubleshooting electrical systems, installing new fixtures or performing routine maintenance, having the right toolkit is essential. In this article, we'll explore the must-have tools for every electrician's arsenal. 

Multimeters: The Essential Electrical Tester

No electrician's toolkit is complete without a reliable multimeter. These versatile devices are used for measuring voltage, current, resistance and other electrical parameters, making them indispensable for troubleshooting and diagnostics. 


Compact Powerhouse
Sanwa PM33a Pocket Multimeter
The Sanwa PM33a is a compact and affordable multimeter that packs a punch. With features such as voltage, resistance, and continuity testing, as well as a built-in flashlight for working in low-light conditions, it's the perfect companion for electricians on the go.

CD771 | Digital Multimeter with Backlight & Continuity Buzzer with LED -

Great on a Budget
Sanwa CD772 Digital Multimeter
For more advanced testing needs, the Sanwa CD772 offers precision and reliability. With true RMS measurement capabilities, temperature sensing, and a high-resolution display, it's ideal for professional electricians who demand accuracy and performance.


PC7000 | Digital Multimeter with True RMS and PC Link -

Pro's Choice
Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter

The Sanwa PC7000 is a highly accurate and versatile multimeter with true RMS, temperature sensing and PC Link capabilities. It comes with backlit display with a high speed analog style bar graph that allows you to visualize varying voltage levels.


Clamp Meters: Simplifying Current Measurement

When it comes to measuring current in live circuits, clamp meters offer unparalleled convenience and safety. These handy devices allow electricians to measure current flow without the need to interrupt the circuit or make direct contact with conductors. At, you'll find a selection of clamp meters designed to meet the needs of professionals.


Sanwa DCL1000

Accurate and Versatile
Sanwa DCL1000 Clamp Meter
The Sanwa DCL1000 is a versatile clamp meter that offers accurate AC and DC current measurement, as well as voltage and resistance testing capabilities. With its rugged design and intuitive interface, it's perfect for fieldwork in demanding environments. 


Full Featured with Multimeter Functionality
Sanwa DCM660R Clamp Meter 
The Sanwa DCM660R is a true RMS digital clamp-meter with digital multimeter capabilities and a large 6600-count LCD display with backlight. This instrument also has digital multimeter functionalities and can also measure AC+DC voltage, resistance and frequency as well as perform continuity tests.


DCL1200R | Large Diameter AC Clamp Meter with Digital Multimeter Functions -

Pro's Choice
Sanwa DCL1200R True RMS Clamp Meter
For professional electricians who require precision and reliability, the Sanwa DCL1200R is the ultimate clamp meter. With true RMS measurement, peak hold function and advanced features such as temperature sensing and frequency measurement, it's the tool of choice for demanding applications.


Hand Tools: A Tool for Every Task

In addition to test equipment, every electrician needs a variety of hand tools for cutting, stripping, crimping and more. At Sanwa-America you'll find a selection of the highest quality insulated Teng Hand Tools designed for durability, precision and ease of use to last a lifetime.

Basic Tool Kit
Teng Tools 18 Piece Pliers and Screwdrivers 1000 Volt Insulated Tool Set - TV18N 
Includes an assortment of the most used screwdrivers and pliers in a handy case. These hand tools are tested and approved and can keep you safe up to 1000 volts.


Ten Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers
Teng Tools 6 Inch 1000 Volt Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers - MBV499-7
The Teng Tools wire stripper is a versatile tool that makes quick work of stripping insulation from electrical wires. With precision-ground blades and adjustable cutting depths, it ensures clean and accurate stripping every time.


Teng Tools 8 Inch Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers
Teng Tools 8 Inch 1000 Volt Insulated Mega Bite Long Nose Pliers - MBV461-8
Teng Tools long nose pliers are essential for gripping, bending and manipulating wires in tight spaces. With their durable construction and ergonomic design, they're a must-have tool for any electrician's toolkit.


Teng Tools Side Cut Pliers

Side Cut Pliers
Teng Tools 8 Inch 1000V Insulated Heavy Duty Mega Bite Side Cutting Pliers - MBV442-8
8 inch insulated 1000V heavy duty side cutting pliers. Features an 80° cutting edge angle and titanium coated joints for durability


Teng Tools 9 Piece Screwdriver Kit

Teng Tools 9 Piece 1000 Volt Insulated Flat, PH & PZ Type EVA Foam Screwdriver Set - TEDV909N
Includes nine screwdrivers with comfortable grips and precision tips.



    Teng Tools 98 Piece Screwdriver Kit
    Screwdrivers including: Torx, Flat, Phillips, Pozi, Hex, Insulated and Screwdriver / Bits Set


    Rounding Out Your Tool Kit

    In addition to multimeters, clamp meters and hand tools, there are a number of other useful tools that you'll want to include in your toolkit to tackle various tasks  safely and efficiently:

    1. Voltage Tester: A voltage tester is a handheld tool used to quickly determine if an electrical circuit is live. It helps electricians verify the presence or absence of voltage before performing any work on a circuit, enhancing safety.

    2. Circuit Tester: A circuit tester is used to identify faults in electrical circuits, such as open circuits, short circuits or faulty connections. It helps electricians diagnose electrical problems quickly and accurately.

    3. Fish Tape: Fish tape is a flexible, flat, metal or fiberglass tape used for pulling wires through conduit, walls, and ceilings. It's indispensable for electricians when running new wiring or troubleshooting existing installations.

    4. Wire Nuts/Wire Connectors: Wire nuts are used to securely connect two or more electrical wires. They come in various sizes and types to accommodate different wire combinations and provide reliable electrical connections.

    5. Voltage Detector Pen: Similar to a voltage tester, a voltage detector pen is a compact tool that detects the presence of voltage in electrical outlets, switches and wires. It's convenient for quick voltage checks in tight spaces.

    6. Conduit Bender: Electricians use conduit benders to shape electrical conduit pipes into precise angles and bends. Conduit benders come in various sizes and types, such as manual hand benders or hydraulic benders, depending on the requirements of the job.

    7. Insulation Resistance Tester: Insulation resistance testers measure the resistance of insulation materials in electrical systems. They help electricians assess the condition of insulation and identify potential issues such as insulation breakdown or moisture ingress.

    8. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer: Non-contact infrared thermometers allow electricians to measure the temperature of electrical components and connections without making direct contact. They're useful for identifying hotspots or overheating issues in electrical systems.

    9. Safety Gear: Safety gear is essential for protecting electricians from electrical hazards. This includes insulated gloves, safety glasses, ear protection and appropriate footwear. Personal protective equipment (PPE) should always be worn when working with electricity to minimize the risk of injury.

    Putting It All Together

    By combining top-quality products from Sanwa-America and Teng Tools, you can build an electrician's toolkit that will meet the demands of any job. From multimeters and clamp meters to hand tools and accessories, these top quality tools provide the precision, durability and versatility you demand in the field. Invest in quality tools today and equip yourself for success for years to come.

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